Lawrence String Groups

Only the best musicians play with the Lawrence String Groups... Our players are professional, reliable and well-groomed musicians who perform together in our groups on a regular basis. They have been selected over the years not only for their musical ability, but also for their attention to detail that is required for each event. Our experienced players use our specialized music books, which are individually prepared in advance for each event to eliminate excessive page turning, pauses, and the distraction of changing books or scores. We are organized and prepared and make it easy to choose your music.  

With our customized system, you can listen to our online demo tracks (or we would be happy to send you a CD) and follow our guidelines to select just the right music to set the mood for your event. Our music director will personally consult with you to help you choose appropriate music from our extensive playlists, which enable you to hear music spanning four centuries. We can also make a custom music arrangement of your favorite song (an extra fee may apply).

Lawrence String Quartet

Two violins, viola, and cello form the Classic sound of the String Quartet. Ideal for providing accompaniment for gatherings from 50 to 150 guests, this group is the standard in elegance.

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STRING QUARTET PLAYLIST                           

Lawrence String Trio

Violin, viola and cello form the balance of this versatile group. Ideal for gatherings of 30 to 100 guests, the Trio is one of our most popular groupings where space is more limited. 

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Lawrence String Duo

Violin and cello combine to provide the perfect counterpoint for your more intimate gathering. Ideal for groups of up to 40 guests, the Duo specializes in Baroque and Classical music. 

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Lawrence String Quintet

The classic string quartet sound (2 violins, viola, cello) plus the added string bass boost the volume and add presence. This group is ideal for outdoor venues when large numbers of guests (150 and more) create more ambient background noise.

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Music Samples

Trio and Quartet with Trumpet

We also offer trumpet with String Trio or Quartet. The golden sound of the trumpet soaring over the strings will announce your entrance in style.  

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